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Team Contract

Note: During your tutorial exercise you will be asked to develop a team contract. This example is provided for your consideration. An electronic copy is available on the CBS Blackboard® site. Submit this contract at the CBS Blackboard® site.

Capsim name: Chester
Semester : 3
Year : 2012
Seminar day and time :

Business Capstone 301

This team contract is developed from the ideas and initiative of:

Professor Rob Guthrie


During the semester you will be required to work as a team member within a company simulation.

Team work is an important skill. Most work of a commercial nature is performed in some kind of team. The skills required to work in a team are transferable from commercial to interpersonal and social circumstances.

Team work should not be seen only as a means to reduce effort or input. It is a means of achieving better quality work with potentially less individual effort. It is also a means of producing a product, which might not have been created, but for the combination of expertise and synergy of the team.

It is important for the team to reach an understanding of how it should function, meet and achieve the specified goals. One way of ensuring that the task is completed satisfactorily is to make a “contract” or agreement between the members of the team.

Attached is a suggested team contract. Each team is to draw up a contract as a guide to structure the expectations for their team’s activities. The contract should be in clear simple English - it is not necessary or desirable for it to be in legalese.

You may choose to add specific clauses to deal with particular issues. You may also attach schedules to the contract to set out other details.

Once agreed, a ‘soft copy’ of the team contract is to be submitted to the Submit this contract at the CBS Blackboard® site,and, the original signed ‘hard copy’ document is to be retained by a nominated member of the team.

Outline of Team Contract

[To be altered or adopted as each team considers appropriate].

Parties to the contract

This contract is made between the following students of Business Capstone 301.

There are 6 students joined tutorial exercise.
[Student 1]
|Name |Email |HP No. | |Stephanie Lee | |9770 1512 |

[Student 2]
|Name |Email |HP No. | |Hazel Chan | |9191 1792 |

[Student 3]
|Name |Email |HP No. | |Betty Leong | |9646 5953 |

[Student 4]
|Name |Email |HP No. | |Julius | |8186 3249 |

[Student 5]
|Name |Email |HP No. | |Yang Cheng | |9716 4611 |

[Student 6]
|Name |Email |HP No. | |Gong Wen Jie | |8356 9792 |

Unit Controller and/or Tutor

This team contract is made for the purpose of clarifying team roles and expectations. A ‘soft- copy’ of the contract is to be submitted to the Class Tutor, and, the original ‘hard copy' document is to be retained by a nominated member of the team.

Objectives of contract

The objectives of the team are to achieve the best possible results by working together in a professional, responsible and effective manner, and help the company to make more profits and minimize the total costs.

Complete team’s tasks...
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