Coconut Sugar

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COCONUT SUGAR ADDED WITH ANTI-FERMENATION AGENT – WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE! Anti-fermentation agent made of lime, calcium hydroxide or sodium metabisulfite are openly and traditionally use by most coconut sugar producing countries. Adding Anti-fermentation agent is use as customarily use by coconut sugar processor if they will harvest the coconut sap every 12 hours like every 6:00 AM and 6:00PM. The advantages of using of anti-fermentation agents is they are able to used taller coconut trees at lower labour cost where they are able to sell coconut sugar at lower their price.

Coconut Sap that harvested in every 12 hours need to add plenty amount of Anti-fermentation agent where you feel some undesirable off taste. It also needs to cook longer time at higher temperature to be able to granules but become over cooked which affect the nutrients and has burned taste or bitter after taste with dark color. In addition, coconut sugar with Anti-Fermentation agent is difficult to dry and has lot of moisture where bacteria has speedy growth in millions and become sour taste and sour odor within very short period of time. Other coconut sugar with anti-fermentation agent is also formed in blocks or in any other shape since it is difficult to granules due to high moisture content. Well dried coconut sugar the granules are free flowing separately and not stick to each other. We use coconut sugar and sometimes pay high amount because of its health benefits, however some coconut sugar with anti-fermentation agents and lot of bacterial only contributes us health problems.
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