Sugar Factory

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Plate Heat Exchangers

Sugar Industry
A refined campaign to save energy

Process Equipment Division
GEA PHE Systems

Concentrating on competence
– for your benefit
Within the GEA Process Equipment Division of the international GEA Group, GEA PHE Systems is

responsible for plate heat exchanger technology. Strong individual companies: GEA Ecoflex, GEA ViEX,

GEA WTT, GEA Ecobraze and GEA PHE Systems NA with production locations in Germany, Sweden, the USA, Canada and India produce gasketed, fully welded and brazed plate heat exchangers for worldwide distribution for use in almost all industrial applications. GEA EcoServe – the GEA PHE Systems service organisation – operates customer service centres in many countries to provide a rapid and competent maintenance and spare parts service, all around the world.

Refinement of energy saving
Throughout the world the demand for sugar is increasing, allied to this, production costs are also escalating. This is the reason innovative engineering solutions are required in this market. Increasing the

capacity in sugar production does not only radically change the energy balance of a factory, but also in-

fluences the quality of the product. GEA PHE Systems therefore offers you a state-of-the-art and carefully matched range of equipment for evaporation, condensation and general heating/cooling. Thus inputted energy can be fully exploited by using modern and powerful engineering!

More efficiency for your energy balance
The energy requirements of sugar production are particularly high, waste exhaust vapours and condensates, for example, must be recycled several times. At the same time the sugar solution must be handled

in all process stages with as much care as possible. This is why especially short residence times, high heat transfer rates and small temperature differences are called for in the manufacturing process. Using the

latest plate technology from GEA PHE Systems you can easily achieve these goals. Because our plates en-

sure that multiple use of the energy guarantees low temperature differences and a reduction of the evaporation pressure without any problems, making the complete sugar manufacturing process more profitable from both energy and business management aspects.

OHTC over dry substance

OHTC (k-value) W/m 2 K


GEA PHE Systems

EVAPplus evaporator


in the sugar industry


GEA PHE Systems
Concitherm 193


Robert evaporator






Tailor-made solutions
The range of GEA PHE Systems products for the sugar industry includes: Plate heat exchangers:
Varitherm and NT Series for syrup, molasses,

concentrated juice, filtered thin juice, extraction water

Free Flow for raw juice and limed juice as well as for unfiltered juices

Plate evaporators:
Concitherm as booster for Robert evaporator or complete stage EVAPplus as retrofit solution or complete stage
Direct contact condensers:
VAPORplus as retrofit solution or complete unit
Engineering – consulting:
Heat balance of evaporation stations
Consulting for all evaporator types
Design of condensers

Design of condensate cigars
GEA EcoServe:
GEA EcoServe – the service organisation of GEA PHE Systems – offers you an extensive international service network. Whether you use products by GEA PHE Systems or by another manufacturer – at GEA EcoServe you receive complete service from a single

source, whenever and wherever you need us. For maintenance and repair we use high-

quality spare parts exclusively for all makes. This guarantees reliable seating, optimum function and a long service life.

Sugar Factory in Belgium

Evaporation station with 8 effects

Proven in
sugar beet

GEA PHE Systems is able to cater for the complete range of thermal processes

arising in the sugar beet campaign – with EVAPplus falling film evaporators and Varitherm, NT Series, Free Flow and...
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