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Topics: Job satisfaction, Motivation, Organizational commitment Pages: 37 (11389 words) Published: November 24, 2012
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Job satisfaction and organizational commitment of hotel managers in Turkey Ebru Gunlu
Tourism Management Department, Faculty of Business, Dokuz Eylul University, Buca, Turkey

Job satisfaction and commitment

Received 30 March 2009 Revised 13 August 2009, 23 September 2009, 12 October 2009 Accepted 12 October 2009

Mehmet Aksarayli
Econometrics Department, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Dokuz Eylul University, Buca, Turkey, and

¨ Nilufer Sahin Percin ¸ ¸
Trade and Tourism Education Faculty, Nevsehir University, Nevsehir, Turkey Abstract
Purpose – The aim of this paper is to identify the effects of job satisfaction on organizational commitment for managers in large-scale hotels in the Aegean region of Turkey and, in addition, to examine whether there is a significant relationship between the characteristics of the sample, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction. Design/methodology/approach – Two structured questionnaires were administered to large-scale hotel managers in the tourism industry. The survey instruments were adopted from the validated Minnesota Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment Questionnaire of Meyer-Allen. The data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 13.0. Findings – The findings indicate that extrinsic, intrinsic, and general job satisfaction have a significant effect on normative commitment and affective commitment. In addition, the findings suggest that the dimensions of job satisfaction do not have a significant effect on continuance commitment among the managers of large-scale hotels. When the characteristics of the sample are regarded, age, income level, and education have a significant relationship with extrinsic job satisfaction whereas income level indirectly affect affective commitment. Research limitations/implications – Participants are limited to the managers of large-scale hotels in Aegean region of Turkey so the results could not be generalized to the whole country; however, the number of respondents is assumed to be sufficient to provide comprehensive results. Practical implications – Although job satisfaction is found to affect organizational commitment, practitioners should not disregard the fact that there is an interactive relationship between the two factors; otherwise, the organizations might be at risk. In addition, the governmental support is very important in minimizing the effects of seasonality problem in tourism. Originality/value – The previous research studies in Turkey generally have focused on the organizational commitment and job satisfaction correlation among the employees in different sectors of Turkey but usually within one organization. Upper level managers’ views and the tourism sector have sometimes been neglected. This research was conducted to address this deficit in Turkey in terms of reaching various hotels in a region, trying to measure the viewpoints of the upper level managers, and conducting the research in a labor-intensive sector such as tourism. Keywords Job satisfaction, Turkey, Hotels, Managers, Developing countries Paper type Research paper

International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management Vol. 22 No. 5, 2010 pp. 693-717 q Emerald Group Publishing Limited 0959-6119 DOI 10.1108/09596111011053819

IJCHM 22,5


Introduction The need for close interaction and communication in service organizations generally threatens the satisfaction of the consumers, since the production and consumption process cannot be separated. For the accomplishment of guest satisfaction, the satisfaction of employees in the lodging organization is imperative. It should be noted that job satisfaction is a key factor to maintaining high performance and efficient service, which will directly increase the productivity of the organization. Researchers have focused on job...
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