Club It Part 1

Topics: Strategic management, Business, Management Pages: 3 (732 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Club IT, Part 1
Cindi Burgard
XBIS 219
November 25, 20012
Jayson Sayers

Club IT, Part 1
Located in the center of downtown is a new night club called ClubIT. The owners Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejeda also operate this new club. After graduating with business administration degrees in 2005 they have finally realized their dream of being business owners. Ruben plays the drums and Lisa plays the violin so both have a passion for music. Their club caters to a broad base of customers, ranging from the young single clients to a group of middle aged professionals, and from younger and older couples to students. (Wiley Higher education, 2011) The clubs mission statement is “ We offer live music, DJ’s, dance space, and refreshments to suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT”(Rainer, Turban:Introduction to Information Systems:Supporting and Transforming Business, 2nd edition, 2011). Keys and Tejeda wanted their club to be at the cutting edge of technology but they are struggling to make that happen. ClubIT can be a fun and inviting place. Having recently remodeled the club the owners now need to remodel their technology system. The club has an older intranet system available to their employees. The ClubIT can change the way their customers relate to their business by implementing a web based technology system that offers more up to date information about the club. This would also benefit their employees. Having a more user friendly web based system the employees and customers alike could offer the ability for each person to personalize the information that they see. A web based system could be used by employees to access their personnel files through a secure server where each would have a unique ID and password, they would then be able to access all of their information including hourly wages, year to date pay, the amount of vacation time they have available and reviews by their peers. In...
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