Close Encounters of Third Kind

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  • Published : October 4, 2008
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Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Close Encounters of the Third Kind was written and directed by Steven Spielberg. The story first starts off with a group of scientist that discover a bunch of perfect condition fighter planes in the desert that went missing in 1945. After that, a couple of commercial flights reported seeing a strange bright light, that they could not describe to ATC in Indiana. Widespread power outage hits Indiana and an electrical lineman, Roy Neary had an encounter with a UFO while driving. He chases the UFO’s until he runs out of road. While this is going on, a little boy named Barry follows the UFO’s out of his house after all his toys started turning on by themselves. His mother Gillian chases after him until she finally catches him before almost getting hit by Roy in his truck. Roy becomes obsessed with a mountain type image in his mind after his encounter with the UFO’s. Gillian also has the same image in her mind. Back with the scientists, they discover that witnesses hear 5 tone musical pattern around the UFO’s. David Laughlin, one of the scientist, figures out a signal from outer space was a set of geographical coordinates and time. The coordinates point to Devil’s Tower Monument, in Wyoming. Both the scientist and the regular people who encountered the UFO’s before, converge at this spot. The UFO mother ship lands and hundreds of people who went missing came out, including the missing plane pilots and Barry. Roy boards the UFO mother ship and is taken off. Close Encounters of the Third Kind has two main groups of people: the scientist and regular Americans who come together at the very end of the Film. In the film, Steven Spielberg, uses theses two groups to help tell the story.

The first group of people, Spielberg uses, are the Scientist. Claude Lacombe is a Frenchman scientist who is in charge of the research of the UFO’s. The other important scientist is David Laughlin, who is assistant to Lacombe and his translator. These...
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