Clixter Inc Marketing Plan

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Digital camera Pages: 21 (6630 words) Published: December 8, 2010

Keller Graduate School of Management—MM522
Professor James Frazee
October 2, 2010

I.Executive Summary

II.Product Description

III. Situation Analysis

A.Market Summary
B.SWOT Analysis

IV.Mission Statement

V.Target Market

VI.Competitors and Substitutes


VIII.Channel Distribution


X.Promotion Budget




A.SWOT analysis matrix
B.Cost Worksheet
C.Three Year Budget



The ClixStar DI100, is a slim, touch screen, prosumer camera complete with an array of features including; built in editing software, face recognition technology, access to the internet, and social networking capabilities. The target market for this camera is estimated at 75 million consumers consisting of males and females, between the ages of 15-35, who have a median household income of $40,000. Since ClixStar Inc. is the first multimedia digital camera on the market to incorporate the internet and social networking capabilities, the innovativeness of its features is a great strength. Furthermore, the professional features of the camera combined with its consumer level usability and its ability to have features added to it easily are also valued strengths of the product. Nonetheless, there are also inherent weaknesses of the product, which include lack of brand awareness, the product’s heavy dependence on the internet, and security concerns. In spite of the inherent weaknesses, however, the company sees excellent growth opportunities for the ClixStar DI100 in the current budding market for multimedia and multifunction devices. Currently the recent trends in the market show a positive shift in attitude of consumers towards online shopping, individuals’ current need for esteem, and the lowering technology costs involved in producing the product. ClixStar, Inc. will thus look to tap into these opportunities, while simultaneously paying close attention to its external threats, which include; new competitors, intense price wars, consumer lifestyle changes, competitors’ greater access to channels of distribution, economic slowdown, new government regulations, and the threat of hackers, viruses, worms, and other malware. The company identifies Canon, Sony, Kodak, Samsung, Nikon, Olympus, Apple, RIM, and Palm as the top competitors of ClixStar DI100. To counteract its competition, ClixStar foresees marketing, and the correct combination of the marketing mix, as being vital to further develop the brand, increase product awareness, and grow its consumer base. A value based pricing module was deemed most appropriate to reach the target market, and as such, the product will be priced at the manufacturer retail price of $250.22, and the consumer retail price of $398.00, with a steady annual increase in price. Also, during the initial launch stage of the ClixStar DI100, the company will distribute its product primarily through its website, and selective online retail outlets. Promotion of the product during the initial stages will be done using predominantly internet advertising via social websites and other high impact websites such as; Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, and LinkedIn, Google, MTV, VH1, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, New York Times, and camera review sites. Other marketing communication channels that will be employed include magazines, limited television commercials, and sales promotions. Moreover, the company also seeks to gain attention through celebrity endorsement, free press, and word of mouth. ClixStar, Inc. is on a mission to continually enhance the electronic images of the video surveillance and multi-media device industry by effective utilization of the most technologically advanced imaging technology. Thus, in the implementation of the ClixStar DI100, controls will be...
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