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Clinical supervision in the workplace
Guidance for occupational health nurses

Clinical supervision in the workplace
Guidance for occupational health nurses

2 Introduction 3 How will clinical supervision help you? 3 Why have clinical supervision? 3 Introducing clinical supervision into your practice 4 Choosing the right model 5 Structuring clinical supervision sessions 6 Legal position 7 Further information 7 Bibliography

Clinical supervision in the workplace was introduced as a way of using reflective practice and shared experiences as a part of continuing professional development (CPD). It has the support of the NMC (formerly the UKCC), and fits well in the clinical governance framework, whilst helping to ensure better and improving nursing practice. This leaflet has been developed by the RCN Occupational Health Managers forum and is designed as an introduction to clinical supervision. It aims to stimulate ideas and to encourage occupational health (OH) nurses to set up supervision practice in their workplaces. Clinical supervision isn’t a management tool, but can be used as a support and prompt to professional practice in a creative way. There is no one model of clinical supervision to follow, so the leaflet has been designed to help you with some of the basic questions and answers: ✦ what is it and how will it help? ✦ why have it? ✦ how can it be implemented? This leaflet also provides some ideas and solutions to developing your own models, and recommends selective reading from a variety of sources.



How will clinical supervision help you?
Clinical supervision is,“a formal process of professional support and learning which enables individual practitioners to develop knowledge and competence, assume responsibility for their own practice and enhance consumer protection and safety of care in complex clinical situations”. (DH, 1993) Clinical supervision helps OH nurses meet their PREP requirements within their overall CPD. It does this by making it possible for nurses to reflect on their nursing practice and identify room for improvement. It also provides the opportunity to develop expertise, to find new ways of learning, and to gain professional support, which is particularly important for OH nurses who work alone. Clinical supervision aims to motivate OH nurses, while being client-centred and focussed on safeguarding standards of client care. Organisations also benefit from: ✦ improved service delivery through the use of evaluation systems ✦ new learning opportunities ✦ improved staff recruitment and retention ✦ improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Why have clinical supervision?
Clinical supervision is also important as a tool to support you with elements of clinical governance in the following ways: ✦ quality improvement ✦ risk management and performance management ✦ systems of accountability and responsibility. It provides a structured approach to deeper reflection on clinical practice. This can lead to improvements in practice and client care, and contribute to clinical risk management.

Introducing clinical supervision into your practice
Introducing clinical supervision to a workplace has resource, cost, and time implications that nurses need to be aware of. The commitment and support of key members of staff is essential in the early stages of planning. Find out if there is an existing local RCN group or network, which can be used to help you implement clinical supervision. Occupational health nurses should ensure that clinical supervision is nurse-led, and not a management tool to assess nurses performance or direct nursing practice. Clinical



supervision is confidential and not part of a formal performance review or appraisal, and is not imposed on nurses.

Choosing the right model
There is a great deal of literature on the...
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