Clinical Psychology Paper

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  • Published : November 28, 2010
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Running head: Clinical Psychology Paper

Clinical Psychology Paper
Launita D. Joseph
University of Phoenix

Clinical Psychology Paper
When psychology is mentioned one will think about the study of the mind. Several topics may be discussed under psychology. Psychology is a discipline that involves the scientific study of human or animal mental functions and behaviors. However, clinical psychology is integrated with theory, science, and practice to understand, predict, and remove maladjustment, discomfort, and also to promote humans to adapt, adjust, and improve personal development (American Psychological Association, Division 12, 2009). Within this paper one will locate the history and evolving nature of clinical counseling psychology and the role of research and statistics in clinical counseling psychology.

Clinical psychology is the most popular of all areas of psychology. Clinical psychology came about in 1896 when Lightner Witmer (1867-1956) opened the first psychological clinic at the University of Pennsylvania. Witmer’s undergraduate studies were completed in 1888 at the University of Pennsylvania. Later in 1892, Witmer earned his PhD at the University of Leipzig in psychology, under Wilhelm Wundt. Witmer became the director of the psychology laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania after receiving his doctoral studies (Plante, 2005).

Witmer’s practical application of psychology expanded the clinical applications to begin treating various mental health disorders. Clinicus is a Latin word that derived clinic. Clinical psychology is concerned with treating sick patients. With all saying, clinical psychology is the teaching about, researching about, or the treatment of a patient with mental health disorders. Clinical psychology continued to grow and became influenced by psychoanalysis that focuses on the unconscious functions. The different forms of clinical treatment that was brought out in the mid 20th century with associations and reactions...