Climate Change and Food Borne Illness

Topics: Foodborne illness, Food safety, Paralytic shellfish poisoning Pages: 4 (1613 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Jane Ventura
Dr. John Schillinger
HSCI 132
November 10, 2012
Climate Change and Food Borne Illness

Climate has always played a significant role in placing food on the tables of millions of families. It seems that we have regressed judging from the way that our ancestors have lived their lives to the way that we have become dependent on mass production of food. We have managed to sabotage our health as well as that of the Earth’s. The changes in weather patterns have gradually impacted agriculture in a negative manner and it is suffice to say that we are to blame for these alterations. Global warming has caused multiple complications in the way farmers grow their crops, it will impact the most vital function that humans as well as other species that live on this planet perform: survive1. This world contains a little over 7 billion people, creating different foods by breeding plants and animals has become somewhat our specialty and yet here we are facing hunger on one side and obesity in the other. Agriculture has been both a blessing and a curse to humanity, providing us means to prosper and thrive in droves. It has also caused massive destruction of the environment. The reason climate change is a scary thing is that it is unpredictable; it creates an imbalance that can destroy populations. According to John Beddington, chief science adviser of the British government, “climate change as a growing threat to agricultural yields and food security1.” It is clear that our dependence on cultivating food in large quantities has its pros and cons. The Earth is changing rapidly, more in adverse ways than we would want and there will come a time when it will be beyond repair. Climate change has touched different sides of how humans procure foods such as seafood. Harmful algal blooms have become prominent as the temperatures increase causing red tides and some can produce toxins that can accumulate in marine life, such as shellfish, which in turn impact the health...
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