Clean Edge Razor

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Clean Edge Razor

For many years, personal health care and shaving for men was seen as a routine maintenance issue. The U.S. razor market has recently seen an upswing in sales and overall interest in multiple categories of products offered in the past five to ten years. In recent years, new products and promotions have drastically changed the approach some men take to the daily chore of shaving. Product innovations have turned this morning ritual from a chore into a pleasing grooming experience. This has also opened a new segment of men in the world who are now interested in personal grooming and made the idea of men’s grooming more mainstream and many consumers have embraced the change in the morning ritual. Paramount Health and Beauty Company is among the leaders of the nondisposable razor market, with multiple products each targeting a different market of consumers. Recent trends have shown that some of the nations’ male population are interested in shaving products for beauty and emotional satisfaction. Although, one third of the traditional male population are still only interested in shaving for maintenance purposes, this number has been declining and plans to trend that way in the years to come. None the less, Paramount has been able to develop products that offer an advanced shaving experience while producing a better final product with a reasonable expense paid. In years past, Paramount as a brand has been able to take advantage of the growing concern for personal shaving products, while only offering products directed toward a portion of the potential customers. The segments of the potential target market are broken down into buyers who purchase super-premium, moderate, and value razors. Paramount’s current products are geared to the moderate and value oriented buyers who highly consider the cost to value approach when purchasing shaving equipment. The super-premium products in the nondisposable category are purchased for the added features...
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