Clean Edge Razor

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Khedidj hafid
Rachid charmouh

Clean Edge Razor.

1. The changes occurred in the non-disposable razor are as follows:

* There was an increase by 5% on the market.
* The rate of new product introduction had accelerated in the last years 2008.2009 by 22 SKUs.

There are two types of competition for Paramounts:

One linked to direct competitors providing the same product ( Prince; Bent and Klein; New entrance Radiance& Simpson).

The Second completion is linked to consumer behavior looking for other substitutes (Electric Shavers, depilatory)


Segmentation of the Non-disposable razor in the market:

Segmentation was based on price and quality:

Consumer Behavior:

For Uninvolved users, all the products are considered the same in term of quality and product benefits.

It is clearly noticed that the involved 67% of the non-disposable users are the most convenient segment that are likely to go for the Clean Edge Razor.

3. the argument of launching the Clear-n Edge Razor.

SWOT analysis for the Mainstream:

SWOT analysis of the niche strategy launch:


Based on the above SWOT for both Launching Clean Edge as a niche or a mainstream brand, We recommend to follow Rosenberg proposition and position the product as a niche based on the following:

* Reach the 1st position in the product sales and profits. * Retain Paramount Pro / Avail Products.
* Focus on the 33% of the maintenance users.
* Brand Name including the Paramount to keep Loyalty.

Strategic implication

By choosing the niche, we will increase profitability for the new product and we will increase the volume and the market share for the Pro/ Avail products.
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