Female Divine Article

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  • Published : July 9, 2012
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Female Divine Article
The purpose of this brief paper is to identify and summarize a scholarly article which discusses some aspect of the female divine in today’s contemporary culture. The article chosen for this purpose is entitled Embracing Women’s Inner Goddess, written by Andrew Adam Newman, and focuses on a popular use of goddesses in modern advertising. Summary

Newman’s article discusses the advertising and marketing angles taken by Gillette, the razor company. In 2001, Gillette launched their three-blade Venus razor (Newman, 2008). Over the years, Gillette has improved upon the original three-blade Venus, and in 2008 launched the Gillette Venus Embrace (Newman, 2008). The Venus Embrace was the first five-blade razor for women, and launched the largest advertising campaign on the female side of the razor business in seven years (Newman, 2008). Based on the Roman goddess of love, Venus, the campaign casts women as contemporary deities. One advertisement casts a woman running with a jogging stroller as the “Goddess of Trailblazing,” while another woman, seen sending text messages on her mobile phone, is cast as the “Goddess of Communication (Newman, 2008).” Those working on the campaign stated the product give women the ability to “reveal her own goddess” by releasing her most feminine self (Newman, 2008). Newman’s article points out that while Gillette emphasizes their technological innovations in their advertising campaigns for their men’s razors; their focus on the women’s counterpart is more on emotional benefits (Newman, 2008). The name Venus suggests beauty, love, and sexual desire. Venus razor creators and marketing teams recognize women’s desire for comfortable, close shaves that leave their skin soft and touchable, invoking their inner Venus (Newman, 2008). The article recognizes the industry’s ongoing efforts to outdo competitors as we as themselves. Razors have evolved to two, three, four, and now five blades for both men and...
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