Classical Art Remakes Preserve Cultural Heritage for Future Generations

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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Opinion Essay Outline

Theme: Does Classical Art Remakes Preserve Cultural Heritage for Future Generations?

Sub-topic: Classical Art Remakes

I. Introduction

Hook: New idea – it is well forgotten old (Geoffrey Chaucer)

Thesis: I strongly belief that classical art remakes preserve cultural heritage for future generations, and the purpose of this paper is to prove it. II. Body

A. Topic sentence: First, until further arguments, it is important to give the correct meaning of the word “remake.” 1. "Translation" classics art into the language of the modernity.

2. Newer version or interpretation

3. Not a parody

B. Topic sentence: Second, the remake allows the younger generation to encounter with deep knowledge that has been embedded by great creators in their artworks. 1. Bottomless meaning

2. The remake is a lifebuoy

3. New life to long-forgotten artwork

C. Topic sentence: Finally, main goal of remakes is not only the preservation of cultural heritage, but also are to preserve historical heritage and to immortalize the names of great and talented people.

1.A sign of ultimate fame of the original art

2. Highest prevalence

3. "Absentee" readers are always more than "confrontations."
III. Conclusion

New idea – it is well forgotten old
(Geoffrey Chaucer)

Classical art is a moral category, which is carrying the "eternal" content. Unfortunately, the classics, such us literature, cinematography or painting, is losing its relevance under the influence of time. Only remakes of classic art-works are evidence of their immortality. Someone thinks that remake is just another way to extract money, for example, from viewers, which wanted to see their favorite movie in the new interpretation. However, I strongly belief that classical art...
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