Hispanic Culture

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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A.Attention-getter: The Hispanic Heritage has a deep tradition in its culture.

B.Thesis: Hispanic’s have a rich culture which dates back hundreds of years ago.
C. Preview:
1) Music
2) Dance
3) Food
A.MP # 1 – Music

1) I am married to Nancy Mae Garza. Which I might add is an amazing wife and mother to our son. 2) My son`s name is Rafael Isaiah Garza V. He is handsome, strong, and very athletic. This is what leads me to believe he will play in the NFL someday. I am a very blessed man. B. MP # 2 – Dance

1) I enlisted in the U.S. Army in March of 2000. My short term goal is to get promoted to SFC and receive my associate’s degree in Applied Technology. 2) My long term goal is to retire as a Master Sergeant and obtain my bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. C. MP # 3 – Food

1) My Favorite hobby is fishing. In Hawaii I might add you`re able to pole fish and spear fish. Two for the price of one I like to say. It doesn’t get much better than this. 2) Hunting comes in a second. Any type of animal I am game to hunt. I guess you can say it’s all about the challenge of the hunt. TRANSITION: “In conclusion”

A. Restate Thesis: Hispanic’s have a rich culture which dates back hundreds of years ago. B. Memorable Statement: As you can see the Hispanic culture may differ from other Ethnicity culture’s, but there is no argument that there traditions go back hundreds of years ago.
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