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Fellow students and teachers, my name is (enter name) and I am running for treasurer of this great SCA class of ours. I believe that with some of my ideas we can expand our budget and be able to go on a great class trip. One reason I feel I am qualified for this job is that I know how to budget and handle money. I am very good at using money wisely. If given the opportunity to be your representative, I will try and use the budget in a wise manner in which we will save money and still have lots left. But, if we want to make our class trip fun, many of us need to contribute to projects that will earn us money. I have a few ideas. One money-raising plan of mine is to have a local car wash and we can charge about four dollars a car. We will set up the car wash in a very convenient place and with the amount of people we have in our SCA class we could get a lot of cars done. Also, I think that we can wash the teachers' dogs, clean the apartments, rake leaves, shovel snow, or something to that effect. Another big idea of mine is to have bake sales outside the cafeteria or outside our school. If elected, I also have ideas on how to make that money grow. We can invest in stock as a SCA class and maybe have our money double or even triple. Now let's talk about specific activities and how I plan to handle that budget. If I was elected, I would take a SCA vote at the beginning of the year on whether we wanted to spend our budget on lots of small activities and have an inexpensive class trip. Or if we wanted to save all the money and just spend it on a few activities during the year and have a really big class trip. If you elect me as treasurer, I will not spend a cent of SCA money on anything without consulting you because it is your money after all, and you should have all the say in where it goes. I would just be there to organize and make sure things happen. Also, I would have a suggestion box in case you had ideas for fun party or pizza nights that we could...
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