Class Monitoring System

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Project Charter
A. General Information

Project Title:| Class Monitoring System| Project Working Title:| CMS| Proponent Secretariat:| Education| Proponent Agency:| Benedicto College| Prepared by:| | Date Prepared:| February, 2012|

B. Executive Summary

This document has an evaluative explanation on how, what, and where the system will be implemented. It briefly states the General Information, Project Purpose which includes the business problem and the project goal and objectives, critical success factors, assumptions, project description, scope and management, milestones, and project authority. This document contains other subsequent phases, uses, process, and implementation regarding the system.

The Benedicto College Students (BC) proposed anAutomated System. The CMS (Class Monitoring System) is functional in providing essential reports of the teachers and students attendance based on the said system records. To produce useful monitoring in today’s higher education environment, the system is using Radio – Frequency Identification (RFID) Scanner to detect the RFID of the students and teachers who passes in or out per subject at every classroom. The system only detects when the student is enrolled on the subject and it can detect RFIDs at the maximum of 2-3 feet away.

Class Monitoring System has changed the manual log of the class efficiently. It also allows monitoring of attendance at a time and provides accurate information to the higher ups. This system will provide accurate log-in / log-out of the students and instructor in the classroom. The system will also provide reports to the parent(s) or guardians(s), instructors, dean, director and guidance counselor of those students who are not attending or cutting classes. The system will also provide reports to the Dean, HR Manager and Director regarding the instructor’s performance in their attendance to their respective classes.

C. Project Purpose

1. Business Problem

The current class monitoring process of the school is done manually. This result hassle and provide inaccurate information to the higher ups; increasing demand of absences done by the students and faculty members because the organization lacks monitoring process; and records may be lost due to unorganized way of keeping or recording.

* Time Management
* Monitoring each class every day is can’t be done easily and needs a lot of time.

* Records Keeping
* A hard copy is filled up during the monitoring and this copy serves as a medium for records keeping. * Manually inputting data to the paper.
* Late will not be counted if the manual monitoring process is done.

2. Purpose

We proposed a system that will make an automated class monitoring process wherein a tag is attached to an object (e.g. ID) which the RFID scanner will detect. This automated process will get rid of all the burdens and hassles the manual monitoring brings. This will also assures that logins and out records among students and instructors are kept safe and secured. It will keep tracks of the performances of the students and instructors in the school. This system will provide accurate log-in/log-out information of the students and instructors in the classroom.

For the Director/Instructors/Parents/HR/GuidanceCounselor’s benefits, this system will provide reports for them. Hence performances among students and instructors will be monitored and this will lessen absences and tardiness.

3. Project Goals and Objectives

The following list represents the team’s goals and objectives in implementing the Class Monitoring System.

* Provide accurate information
* Establish and improve good monitoring process
* Aware of student(s) and instructor(s) absences and tardiness. * Promote the power of technology
* Monitoring process is less burden
* Tracks the daily attendance of the students and instructors * Paperless class monitoring
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