Class Action Lab Report

Topics: Chemical reaction, Sodium, Chemistry Pages: 4 (1112 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Joseph Sulaiman
Alya Abourezk
Class Action Lab Report
To determine, through observations, the identity of substances produced in a chemical reaction. Materials:
Safety GogglesStirring rod
Magnesium ribbonSolid CuSO4•H2O
MatchesTest tubes
Copper metal3M HCl
Red and blue litmus strips0.1M AgNO3
Zinc metal0.1M Pb(NO3)2
Test tube holder0.1M KI
Bunsen burner0.1M Na2NO3
Crucible tongs1.0M NaOH
Water (H2O)0.1M Ca(NO3)2
50mL beaker1.0 CuSO4
Using the crucible tongs, take a magnesium strip and hold it in hot spot (just above the inner cone of fire) on the bunsen burner. Use peripheral vision as not to damage your eyes and hold the tongs well so the product does not drop onto the table. Put product into your 50mL beaker.

Add around 9 drops of distilled water (H2O) to the beaker with the product. Stir the beaker’s contents carefully.
Test the solution with the litmus papers (red and blue) by dropping a small amount of the solution onto the paper with the stirring rod. If the red paper turns blue, it is basic. If the blue paper turns red, it is acidic. Rinse out the beaker.

Heat a small sample of the CuSO4•H2O over the bunsen burner in your beaker. You may want to use a new beaker for this experiment so the products and/or water don’t mix. Heat only the bottom of the test tube (where the crystals are located). Add about 10 drops of H2O to the solid left in test tube.

Wash out the test tube.
In a clean test tube, add 2mL of HCl.
Into the HCl solution, add 2 pieces (or so) of Zn (zinc metal). Place another test tube above the solution, not allowing any gas to escape. After about 1 minute has elapsed, start a match and quickly open the test tubes, placing the match between the two. Dispose of the Zn and HCl solution into the waste beaker.

In a clean test tube, add 1mL of AgNO3.
Add 4 Cu(II) pieces (bronze balls) into the silver nitrate solution. Dispose in the waste...
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