Caloric Content of Food

Topics: Energy, Heat, Temperature Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Department of Chemistry
Caloric Content of Food

Date Submitted: April 1, 2012
Date Performed: April 1, 2012
Lab Section: Chem-180-DL1

The purpose of this lab was to measure the energy content of three different food items using the change in water temperatures from the heat of the food. Another purpose was to take the information acquired and become familiar with energy units used in food such as calories and joules. Procedure:

The first step in this experiment was to weigh and record an empty 100mL beaker. Then fill the beaker approximately halfway, weigh it and record the weight. Record the weight of the water in the beaker. Place a piece of aluminum foil on a table top. Place a wire burner stand with the beaker full of water in the center of the aluminum foil and place a candle next to the rack. Measure the weight of one marshmallow and the weight of one fork. Record both measurements. Then place the marshmallow on the fork measure and record the weight of the marshmallow and fork together. That weight should equal the measurements of the fork and marshmallow combined in the previous measurement. Measure and record the temperature of the water in Celsius and record it. Light a candle. Put the fork with the marshmallow over the candle flame. Remove the marshmallow from the flame right after it sets on fire and place it under the beaker of water. Hold it under the water until it is completely done burning. Make sure to stir the water frequently with the thermometer. When the marshmallow has burned down as much as possible, remove from under water and record the temp of the water. Then record the weight of the fork with leftover marshmallow on it. Subtract that measurement from the previous measurement of the fork with pre-burned marshmallow. Record the measurement of the marshmallow residue. Clean out the beaker of water and repeat experiment with two other foods. Pick the appropriate tools to hold the food over an open...
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