Macromolecules Lab

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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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What are the mystery powders?

Period: 4
Asia Enoch

A carbohydrate is an immediate form of energy in your body. Monomers is smaller than a polymer. For carbohydrate the monomer is sugar and the polymer is a polysaccharides. Carbohydrates are important to our body because we need to use energy. The purpose of this lab is to figure which one is the monomer and which one is the polymer.

If I place two drops of iodine into the mystery powder, it would turn from brown to black ONLY if it was a polymer, if it's not a polymer nothing would happen to the iodine, it would stay brown. If I mix Benedict's Solution with water and the unknown powder all together and put it in to a water bath that's on a hot plate for 5 min it would turn from blue to orange ONLY if it's a monomer, if it's not a monomer it would stay blue.

Mystery powder A
Mystery powder B
2 test tubes
2 spoons
2 drops of iodine
Benedict's Solution (1 mL)
hot plate

Benedict's Solution:
Poor 20 mL of water into a beaker.
Grab a spoon and get ½ tsp of mystery powder A
Poor the ½ tsp of powder into the beaker of water
Put 1 mL of Benedict's Solution into the beaker
Mix it
Poor into test tube
Put the test tube into the water bath that is on top of a hot plate Heat for 5 min
Repeat for mystery powder B

Iodine solution:
Put 2 drops of iodine into mystery powder A
Watch for any color changing
Repeat for mystery powder B

Independent variable & Dependent variable:
Independent variable: The action we are going to do in the experiment Dependent variable: What is being measured
Independent & Dependent variable in the experiment:
Independent variable: Using chemical indicators to determine which is the monomer and the polymer. Dependent variable: Color change

Data and observations:

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