Class 12 Paper

Topics: Management, Capital structure, Consumer protection Pages: 3 (605 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Sample Paper – 2013
Class – XII
Business studies (commerce)
M.M: 90Time: - 3hrs
1. What is the primary stage in the process of selection?1. 2. What do you mean by empathy?1.
3. What role does motivation play in reducing absenteeism?1. 4. Why is controlling called a backward looking function?1. 5. What is the cost of raising funds called?1.
6. When is financial leverage considered to be favorable?1. 7. What is the minimum amount of a treasury bill?1.
8. What is bridge financing?1.
9. Mention the purpose of public relation?1.
10. What is brand name?1.
11. Name the apex institution under consumer protection act 19861. 12. The earlier approach of caveat emptor which means” let the buyer be aware of” has now been changed to.1. 13. What does mental revolution imply in scientific management?3. 14. Name and explain the important principle of management which encourages the workers to think and put forward a better way of doing a job.3. 15. How is planning a pervasive function of management.3. 16. “Planning is not a guarantee for success of a business” comment.3. 17. Draw a label for a “medicine” and highlight the important information to be provided on it.3. 18. Manya Ltd decided to open a factory in an area predominantly inhabited by poor farmers. However the technology used in the factory is generally a lot of pollution leading to a no. of health problems to the residents. Comment on this and offer your suggestion.3. 19. Draw a diagram depicting a divisional structure.4. 20. “The concept of decentralization is related to the concept of delegation” comment.4. 21. The government of India has enacted several regulations to provide legal protections to the consumer. Name and explain any two regulations (other than the consumer protection Act 1986) passed by govt. of India in this regard.4....
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