Cja383 If I Were a Judge

Topics: Crime, Identity theft, Theft Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: November 2, 2010
If I was a judge presiding over a case, I would have to impose a judgment, while having a proper understanding of both the type of crime the individual committed, as well the extent of the violations, and any extenuating circumstances that may have played a part in the individual’s behavior. I would also need to pay particular attention to the individual’s remorse; it is very likely that if the person admits the guilt in open court, and apologizes for his or her behavior to his victims that a judge may choose to impose a lesser sentence upon him or her. To properly sentence the individual for his or her crime and fulfill the role of retribution, I would have to make sure that the criminal serves enough time that he knows that society disapproves of his or her behavior. In this particular situation, I would give a greater sentence for someone who has been committing identity fraud for a long period of time, over someone who may have committed one or two instances of fraud and identity theft. I would also pay particular attention to what the individual did with the identity that he stole; if he simply used it to make a false ID but did not otherwise tarnish the identity of the victim; I would impose a smaller sentence. Similarly, if the person took out loans, committed other crimes in the guise of the victim, or permanently ruined the reputation of the victim, then my sentence would be properly “enhanced” to properly show the individual that he must pay a steep price for behavior that the society at large does not approve of. For incapacitation, I would review the act that the individual committed and sentence him or her to the proper facility that fits the violence or non-violence of his actions. Unless the individual stole identities by using threats and violence, identity theft is typically not a violent crime. As such I would most likely not need to sentence him or her to maximum security, but to a mid-level security prison. As deterrence, I would, however,...
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