Corrections Current Trends

Topics: Crime, Criminal law, Prison Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: May 5, 2011
Current trends in sentencing

When it comes to prison sentencing there are a lot of trends to go from, probably the main outline you could say is the sentencing models these models are a basic outline of what’s going to happen to an offender while being sentenced. These are the six options which include: capital punishment- for like murder offenders which includes the death penalty only in some states though, imprisonment -for those who commit violent crime and so forth usually sent to state or federal prison longer that one year, short term confinement -for minor offenders those petty crimes such as petty theft and so on normally less than a year served in county, intermediate sanctions- falls between probation and imprisonment which I would say is on the fence could go either way prison or probation which includes house arrest and electronic monitoring, then theirs probation which is a alternative of prison in which the offender is monitored within the community, and then theirs economic sanctions- which I would say an offender like this would be due to vandalism or something in that nature, in economic sanctions the offender is ordered to pay restitution or a fine for their crime. Pretrial diversion is a good system for offenders who are not constant offenders, for instance here in Odessa TX they have what I would call a pretrial diversion program which is called teen court and in teen court offenders for let’s say theft well instead of it going down in the records they chose to do some community service and avoid trial and a criminal record but this type of program is only offered to teens. For those who have the option of pretrial diversion it is a pretty good system which allows first time offenders in most cases to stay out of the system. Plea bargaining is a really good trend in sentencing, because plea bargaining is an agreement in which the defendant decides to plea guilty to the offense in return the defendant gets a lesser sentencing. Plea...
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