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One of the many ways I believe we, as a civilization can continue to progress and flourish is by our culture. Culture is an extreme necessity for life. Without one’s culture one has no character. I came across an article that has confirmed my opinions; the author of the article is an Indian woman by the name of Gayatree Siddhanta Sama. In this article Sama informs us on how important the transfer of culture from generation to generation is. In her example she embraced what her father taught her about agriculture and farming. She then goes on to state that because of her father’s instructions, she was in turn able to help many needy people. Her role in this was to provide her farmed goods to the less fortunate so they would have a means of surviving. This article made a strong connection for me right away, for I too had the similar scenario. As a child at the age of 9, I had what I believe was a profound role in our families olive tree harvest, this took place at my grandfather’s farm. Every year up parents and I along with uncles, aunts, cousins, and so forth gathered at the farm for this harvest and feast. One of my objectives was to help pick the olives from the trees. My cousins and I always tried to impress the rest of the family. We would layout four or five buckets under the olive tree and start shaking it back and forth with large poles. This taught me the meaning of hard work and unity that is something I believe is beginning to dissipate amongst the new oncoming generations. At the end of the hard tedious day of work as fatigued as we were same outcome had shown. My grandfather would invite all who could attend to join us in what was such a glorious feast. To conclude my opening statement this was a very grand lesson learned from our parents and grandparents. They have bestowed upon me their culture and ethics, which has shaped me into the strong person theirs and I. traditions are what you would call an unwritten rule of conduct. Those traditions...
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