Willy Wonka

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  • Published : February 6, 2013
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This assignment was personally hard for me. I say this because growing up we never had any traditions or any phrases that got passed down, to me we were just boring. When this assignment was given I had trouble remembering what I was taught as a child because I’ve been through so much since then that has changed my world and flipped it upside down. When reading the assignment for the 20th time, it came to me that I wasn’t looking for anything special but a simple quote or a simple book that I would have read when I was a child that had an impact on me in some way. That book would be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

With Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, you start out by having this poor little boy, Charlie, who was very sweet, polite and never did anything that would put him or his family in jeopardy. This little boy’s family didn’t have much but they had each other and that’s all that mattered. This family lived in a town where there happened to be a chocolate factory owned by none other than Mr. Willy Wonka. Mr. Wonka came up with a plan to hide 5 golden tickets in certain candy bar wrappers so that the winners could take a tour of his factory. Five kids and their parents became winners and this certain little boy was one of them accompanied by his grandpa. This book showed 5 different personalities, 5 different children who were all brought up in various ways. During this tour, various things happen to certain children who either aren’t listening, are not behaving, all the while and this little boy, Charlie, and his grandpa are just following this tour and aren’t really there for anything more than just to be there. After the other 4 children are somehow eliminated through their character flaws, Charlie who was in a contest the whole time wins none other than the chocolate factory itself.
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