Civil Rights, Malcolm X and Mlk Joining Up

Topics: Martin Luther King, Jr., Nonviolence, Civil disobedience Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: December 3, 2012
English 112
18 October 2012
Civil Rights
What would have been the effects on Civil Rights is Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X teamed up? Two very different styles of protesting but they both wanted the same thing. Both devoted to their religion, yet again very different back grounds. Both grew up very differently yet have impacted the world in drastic measures still today. So what would have happened if they had teamed up against the same fight?

Martin Luther King Jr., a calm, inspirational figure in the fight against Civil Rights. Malcolm X, a controversial, aggressive speaker who had just as many followers. These men changed our nation for the better and we are still living in their words. Their styles on Civil Rights are very different even though they want the same thing. I believe if they both spoke in the same venue and teamed up the results would have not been as good. The two styles are so different it would have divided the crowd. From what I have seen you either have a peaceful protest with calming words or a more energetic protest with more aggressive thinking. It’s tough to mix the two harmoniously. I think the message would have not had the same impact.

Their religious back grounds are also very different. King, a Baptist and Malcolm X a Muslim I think had an impact on their view of their overall goals. The way I see it is Baptist, at the time, was an easier religion for the masses to understand, it was more known. Where Muslim was fairly new in our country as far as public knowledge goes. I find it interesting that the more controversial person out of the two picked the lesser understood religion. Regardless of the views of either religion I think certain people could only relate to one or the other because of their religious back grounds.

The way each man grew up was very different. King was scholar at an early age, skipping 9th and 12th grades and entering college at 15; where Malcolm X was getting his...
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