Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr

Topics: Malcolm X, White people, Black people Pages: 4 (1674 words) Published: January 20, 2013
The PBS video, “Malcolm and the Civil Rights Movement” is important in showing the varying views of both Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. The video makes it well evident that both men were striving for the same end result, which was “defeating white racism and empowering African Americans. However, as the video explains, while both men had the same destination in mind, they both sought different journeys to get there. Through an analysis of the PBS video, Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and several passages from The Autobiography of Malcolm X, it can be concluded that while the two men wanted the same thing, they both had different views and beliefs; Malcolm X was angry, bitter and vengeful, while Martin Luther King Jr. was only concerned with fixing the issue at hand. Early in the PBS video, it is explained that while King wished to mend and strengthen a family bond that already existed, Malcolm X viewed himself and black Muslims as an outside party. This is evident through the public denial that Malcolm X was even an American due to his opposing view of the suggestion of “integration with white America.” (“Malcolm and the Civil Rights Movement”, The American Experience. PBS. Video Transcript) This belief that Malcolm X was completely angry and against white America is aided though a passage in his autobiography coming from page 292 of the fifteenth chapter. In the first provided passage of Malcom X’s autobiography, Malcolm X shows marked bitterness and hatred in his choice of words to describe the situation. This can best be attributed to the quoting of the his words saying “the antebellum white slavemaster even devilishly manipulated his own woman.” This phrasing by Malcolm X speaks volumes to how he views the relationship of the white male to the rest of society. Through the using of the word “devilishly” he is portraying his inner thoughts that the white man is evil and corrupt in his judgments. Then by using the words and...
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