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Cisco IT Case Study Organizational Change and Advanced Services for Operational Success

How Cisco IT Implemented Organizational Change and Advanced Services for Operational Success New organizational framework greatly improves operations.
Given today’s pressing need to optimize IT services and resources while reducing costs and improving organizationwide productivity, the Cisco lifecycle methodology offers the framework needed to make operations more efficient and responsive. Cisco IT Network and Data Center Services (NDCS) changed from using a traditional organizational model to Cisco’s own lifecycle model, with substantial operations improvements across five different metrics. This case study describes Cisco IT’s internal infrastructure, a leading-edge enterprise IT environment that is among the largest and most complex in the world.

“By moving from a traditional technology, silo-based organizational structure to a lifecycle-based model, we were able to improve our operational metrics considerably. Our number of cases decreased by approximately 60 percent, and our time-to-repair to get clients back up and running has decreased by almost 70 percent.” John Manville, Vice President, IT Network and Data Center Services, Cisco

An enterprise with 300 locations in 90 countries, Cisco has 46 data centers and server rooms supporting the 65,000-plus employees. Fourteen of the data centers/server rooms are production or customer-facing and 32 are used for product development. Like most IT organizations of large enterprises, Cisco IT used a traditional siloed organizational structure, with staffers doing both implementational as well as operational work, often having to drop operational projects to complete deployments. With the traditional organizational arrangement, there was much duplication of effort and lack of focus across the organization. In many cases, employees were unaware of the duplication that existed across the organization. The original organizational model included regional network teams and

regional voice teams that were responsible for all aspects of implementing and operating their environments and services (Figure 1).

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Cisco IT Case Study Organizational Change and Advanced Services for Operational Success

Figure 1. NDCS Pre-existing Traditional Model. With two separate service organizations, there was much duplication and lack of focus. Organizational Change and Advanced Services for Operational Success

Cisco IT’s Network and Data Center Services (NDCS) organization needed focus. NDCS engaged Cisco Advanced Services’ Network Availability Improvement Services organization (NAIS) to identify the areas that needed to be changed and recommend how to proceed . The charter of Cisco Advanced Services NAIS is to leverage Cisco and industry network leading practices to achieve a highly available, reliable operations infrastructure. NAIS assesses and remediates the people, process, and tools needed to mitigate operational risk and network complexity by running an Operational Risk Management Analysis (ORMA). The ORMA is a Cisco support deliverable that outlines a roadmap for operational excellence and availability via a best-practice approach to network design, tools, process, and expertise. Cisco Advanced Services NAIS bases the identification and ongoing improvement of best practices upon its ongoing support experience, industry guidance, and the accepted Cisco network design principles for all networks demanding high availability. Over the past eight years, NAIS has worked with more than 300 customers,evaluating the critical areas of: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Managing Service Support Managing Change Managing Service Performance Managing Service Resiliency Staffing and Expertise

NAIS begins the process by interviewing business and IT leaders and...
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