New Strategic Initiatives

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When the CEO launches two new strategic initiatives requiring integration across all business units, the organization – whose IT decisions have been largely delegated to its business units in proportion to their revenue generating capacity – now faces the dilemma of how to prioritize its IT projects in order to support the new strategic “enterprise” vision.

Organization Chart

Identify the Key Issues

1. CIO and CEO don’t agree on direction of company
2. IT funding within the organization is tightly controlled and hard to get. 3. No resources to invest in reengineering their existing systems (outdated) 4. The current architecture is multiple technologies, layered on each other, that don’t work well together 5. The budget is so small now that they don’t have room to develop new strategies 6. IT budget will be gone within 5 years if it isn’t reworked 7. A small time frame (a month) to basically rework an entire organization’s operations


1. Please elaborate on the following steps to Develop an IT planning process for ModMeters to accomplish the demands. • Q: The first step in this process is to clarify the demands on IT and the resources that will be needed to accomplish them. A: This means that that demands need to be clear up front so that MM knows what they can and cannot provide from the beginning. They can’t afford to have “roadblocks” in the middle of a project and fork out more money. • Q: The second step is to align business and IT work with the company priorities. A: This means that MM needs to get IT to help with their business priorities (which is why IT is valuable in the first place). If IT isn’t being used for the correct processes, then all they’re doing is wasting time and money. 2. Q: Identify the success metrics for each program.

A: Manufacturing is responsible for ROI and the most profits. Outside of that, the...
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