Circumference of 1.2 of a Circle

Topics: Need, Want, Sibling Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: April 29, 2013

Karla is my sister who has been there throughtout my life. She is my little sister and she helps me out when i'm struggling at times and also keeps me company all the time. Whenever she wants to play sports at school, i always encourage her to play to her best ability and just have fun. She might be annoying at times but a little sister like her is all i want and need. I love my little sister because she is awesome and has respect for a lot of people, she is trustworthy and kind as well. "Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of and whatever you do, they'll still be there", and this awesome quote really inspired me with my relationship with my lovely little sis. Karla loves to play sports such as netball, and touch but especially netball, and she is into drawing and loves to do painting in arts as well. Other girls may have little sister's but the little sis that i have is way better. Karla and i stick to school and just have our minds focusing for our future ahead of us and what we want to become when we're older. Karla makes me laugh and entertains me with her funny jokes. Karla and i are sisters forever, we may fight but that's okay, sisters are forever and never apart and i love my little sister forever and i'll never stop loving her. We stick up for each other when we hear people talk bad about us and we take them down good. My sister and i always have happy and sad moments as well and that goes for everyone. KIND WEALTHY ATTITUDE AWESOME RESPONSIBLE KARLA RESPECTFUL INTERESTING EXCITED LOVELY GEORGOUS LOYALTY AMAZING HUMBLE INCREDIBLE TALENTED
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