Essentials of the Telephone Etiquette

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  • Published : August 27, 2010
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Of the
Telephone Etiquette


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Essentials of the Telephone etiquette3
Call opening3
Inbound calls3
Out bound4
Getting Your Message Across for both Inbound and out bound calls.4 P A C E4
P positive attitude4
A accountability4
C courtesy4
E enthusiasm5
W warmth5
I intelligence5
T telesmart5
The Tone of Your Delivery - Benefits:5
The Tone of our Delivery5
Elements of Your Tone5
Keeping Pace6
Pump Up the Volume, or Down6
Paint with Inflection6
Paraphrasing skills6
How to go about it6
Listening Skills7
Automatic Responses8
Pacing Yourself8
Human bond9
Remember Your ABCs -Learning Your ABCs9
A professional Image over telephone10
To do10
Don’t do10
Hold Procedure10
If you need to keep them on longer time than estimated then10 When you come back on line11
Closing a call11
Telephone Etiquette Checklist11
Basic points to know12
Answering the Telephone12
With an Attitude12
On The Telephone with Customers13
How Do You Calm Down an Upset Customer?13
Telephone English13
Telephone Terms13
Telephone Language14
Telephone Tips16
Practice 1: Making an Appointment17
Practice 2: Taking a Message18
Practice 3: Ordering a Pizza19
Telephone Quiz20

Essentials of the Telephone etiquette

□ Use variety in tone of voice

□ Smile

□ Answer in three rings

□ Ask how you can help

□ Be courteous

Call opening

• Golden Rule Remember this is the first call for the caller. We may have attended 100 calls that day but for the caller it is the first to you. So every call has to be handled as a new call or as the first you received or made that day. • The Caller decides in three seconds about the person he/ she is speaking to. • Keep you tone warm

• Put a smile behind the voice.
• There is no lead-time.
• Be pleasant and likeable straight way.
• The call is in your territory.
• Set the emotional tone for it
• The customer will follow your cue.

Inbound calls

• Don’t let the phone ring ceaselessly pick the call within three rings • Be heard clearly
• Show warmth
• Get the company name right
• Offer your name as a handshake
• Be of service

Out bound

• Make it work
• Be well prepared
• Greet properly and get on with it
• You should know whom you are speaking to
• Ask for the person you want to speak to
• The objective
• Give the customer a chance to respond.

Getting Your Message Across for both Inbound and out bound calls.

• Have you ever been in a situation where if the customer would only listen to you, his problem would be solved? You probably wondered what prevented that customer from paying attention to your words. Many times, the most important thing is not what you say, but how you say it.

• Researchers have discovered that in actual face-to-face contact, the success of communication is broken down into three components — words, tone of voice, and gestures or body language.

• Conversations with your customers are like concert performances — preparing your delivery, tone of voice, and gestures help your audience, your customer, take an interest in what you're saying. Preparing your style will make interactions with your customers positive and focused.


P positive attitude

• Always say what can be done not what cannot be done. This will help to sound...
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