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Topics: Galen, Ibn al-Nafis, William Harvey Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: May 1, 2013
William Harvey
He concluded the systemic circulation of the blood accurately, he also concluded how the blood was pumped around the body from the heart and properties of blood. Harvey was an English physician who was the first to describe accurately how blood was pumped around the body by the heart. Ibn Al Nafis

Ala-al-Din Abu al-Hasan Ali Ibn Abi al-Hazm al-Qarshi al-Dimashqi (known as Ibn Al-Nafis) was born in 1213 A.D. in Damascus. He was educated at the Medical College Hospital (Bimaristan Al-Noori) founded by Noor al-Din Al-Zanki. Apart from medicine, Ibn al-Nafis learned jurisprudence, literature and theology. He thus became a renowned expert on the Shafi'i School of Jurisprudence as well as a reputed physicianHe discovered blood vessels in his patients and predicted that they linked the heart, lungs and carried air and blood. He worked at the Al-Nassri Hospital, and subsequently at the Al-Mansouri Hospital, where he became chief of physicians and the Sultan’s personal physician. When he died in 1288, he donated his house, library and clinic to the Mansuriya Hospital. Claudius Galen

At first Galen studied philosophy, in particular Aristotle but when seventeen began to specialise in medicine. While studying medicine Galen travelled extensively throughout Greece, Asia Minor and Palestine to gain experience and skills. Aged 28, he returned to Pergamum and obtained a position as doctor to the gymnasium attached to the local sanctuary at Asklepios. Galen remained there for five years then moved to Rome to teach medicine. While there his fame spread rapidly and brought him the post of physician to Marcellus Aurelius and his son Commodus. While he was physician to the emperor, Galen also had responsibility for the treatment of wounded Gladiators. This gave him a wonderful opportunity to study anatomy in detail and to carry out surgery. He performed vivisections and post-mortems on the Barbary ape, but never on humans
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