Circuit Board Analysis

Pages: 3 (510 words) Published: February 20, 2011
1.What type of process flow structure is CBF using?
Job shop process flow structure,The job shop process flow structure is a production of small batches of a large number of different products.

3.Analyze the capacity of the process .
The capacity of the flow process is at an imbalance. There is a significant amount of manual labor in this flow process in which human error must be taken into consideration. It appears that they did not count the individual batch time that’s why they didn’t utilize the total capacity of production.

4.What is the impact of losses in the process in Inspection and Final Test ? The impact of the losses in the system is quite extensive. It is stated that 15% of the board are typically rejected during an early processing inspection along with an additional 5% rejected during the final testing. This results in a production order increase of 25%.

5.What recommendations would you make for a short-term solution to CBF’s problems? A short-term solution may be to extend the work day so that 8 production hours are optimized during a 5 days of working. They should check quality of raw materials.They should analyze the individual work time of the per part and start 2nd batch process after 25 min. (shown below)

6.What long term recommendations would you make ?
Add another machine or two, specially at the beginning of fabrication process. They should work in 3 shift in a day.



SR NO.PROCESS Emp.noM/C NORUN TIME (min/part)SET UP TIME (min/job)TOTAL TIME(in min) 1 NC programming
2 Board fabrication
3 LOAD 1 1 0.33 5 5.33 4 CLEAN 1 0.5 5.83 5 COAT 1...
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