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  • Published : June 16, 2011
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BSG Online Game

Branded Sales Forecast Screen: – The most important screen of all the decision screens. * Initially do not make drastic changes to competitors’ numbers as it is too early in this round to get a clear picture. * Forecasts are generated and are only as accurate how you estimate the Industry average marketing effort. * Inventory clearance = liquidate the inventory at the beginning of the next year. Plant Capacity Screen:

* 2 million pairs in NA region and 4 million pair production in APAC * 6 million total in RT and 1.2 million in OT production
* Build Capacity button – to create a new production facility in any particular region * Self construction of additional capacity will take 1 year to come into effect. * Purchase Capacity comes into picture if any of your rivals have sold off their capacities in previous years. * Plant capacity can be sold in increments of 100,000 pairs. Capacity once sold cannot be claimed back. * Very important to read the implications of each plant capacity upgrade options in the help section. * Only one upgrade option allowed in a given plant in the current year. * Up to 2 upgrade options max.

Branded Production Screen:
* S/Q Rating = Style to Quality Rating (1-10 stars). Higher ratings = higher cost. Higher ratings = better the demand for the product. * Changes to production specifications have impact on the FY2011 projections in the left panel. This has to be noted. * Workforce compensation is in the middle of this screen. * In order to use capacity in Private Label production, some capacity has to be left unused in the Branded label screen’s production capacity section. * Note the projected rejected-pair percentages in this screen. Perhaps there is scope to reduce this. Branded Distribution Screen:

* The second section in the Branded Distribution screen shows the shipments of pairs required in each region in order to satisfy the demand projected in Sales...
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