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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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We can use the internet for news, map, email, video chat, websites, music, blogs, research, online banking, business transaction, social engineering, sharing photos etc. We can do all these by sitting in front of PC which is connected to the internet. These are the many advantages we can take from internet but there are some disadvantages too. There are Trojan horses, worms, viruses, hackers etc. They are made to disrupt the computer network or personal computer. They can be biggest threats for our computer anytime while using the internet therefore keeping away from those malicious attacks we need to have best level of protection for our PC and home network. They can steal our bank account information, Social Security number without our knowledge. We do trust our anti-virus software they can detect the file which is trying to infect our system but they are not capable of filtering all the traffic and monitoring unauthorized access to home network or PC. In that case we need a firewall to keep our PC protected. Firewalls can be hardware, software or a combination of both. There are different types of firewall products available in the market and we have to choose the best that suits for our PC needs. Below are some of the firewalls and their features. Firestarter – Firestarter is built for Linux operating system and it is most widely used Linux desktop firewall software available today (firestarter). This is an open source software and easy to use on both Linux server and PC. Some key features of firestarter are, user friendly, easy to use, graphical interface, suitable for desktops, servers and gateways, real – time firewall event monitor, allows to define both inbound and outbound access policy, enables port forwarding, real time firewall events view, can view active network connections, including any fraffic routed through the firewall, supports for tuning Tos parameters to improve services for connect client computers, available in many languages,...
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