Unit 2 D1

Topics: Computer security, Operating system, Computer Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Three software utilities that can improve performance on a computer system Having security based software, clean-up based software, and drive formatting can dramatically change how well you computer performs. Security based utilities such firewalls are highly important as your computer is at risk all the time. The main risks to your computer are from virus, Trojans, worms, cookies, spyware and many more. These can be sent though free software downloads emails, internet websites, bad cookies, and many different places. Unwanted virus can cause data loss, makes changes or delete software packages, saves personal information and send it to other users. Firewall will prevent unwanted unauthorized users from accessing your computer. Malware packages can go though cookies and delete bad cookies containing bank details and other personal information. You can also buy security packages such as Norton and MacAfee whereas the firewall is a package that comes with the operating system. I would advise to use the computer based and the shop brought packages to protect your computer. Without uses packages and if the packages aren’t running you computer could be at risk. You computer will run slower, freeze, or even stop running completely if it gets infected. The clean-up tools that are used to tidy up your computer can also make you computer run smoothly. When using the internet your computer saves the history on every website page you have been on, this means it is saved into the memory. When the memory is getting more and more full it is more likely that your computer will run slower and also will tend to freeze more. But if you use a cleanup tool like internet explorers history deleting tool, which can be found on internet explorer. This allows you to delete history, cookies, passwords and others. When doing this you can free up computer space and your computer will run smoother, you can delete your whole history and start a clean sheet. Drive formatting like...
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