Chip's and Dip's Case Study

Topics: Employment, Management, The Culture Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: April 12, 2013

I. TITLE:Chorale’s Chips and Dips, Inc.: Are You In or Are You Out?


In an organization where there is a culture that has been developed through years, a culture of uncommitted individuals and selfish authorities, the harmony that is needed in accomplishing the organizational goals between the management and the rank-and-file employees cannot be attained. At this point, any person who wants to implement changes in the system for the better of the company can experience great stress and difficulty due to the resistance and developed attitudes of the members of the organization.


The negative and uncommitted attitudes of the employees were not caused merely by the culture itself inside the organization. It can also be caused by their undeveloped morale for the reason that their superiors do not care on them and on the extra efforts that they are exerting. The managers and supervisors who must be supervising and looking upon their works don’t take time to check on them and somehow, abuse their position power with their autocratic attitudes.


After studying the problem, it can be noted that if there be no solution addressed, the worst effect that it can lead the company is the scrapping of its going concern assumption. Clearly, something has to be done to prevent the falling of the company. The president has in mind the solutions that he deems appropriate for the problem: conducting employee involvement activities, developing team works, offering employee trainings and implementing recognition and reward system which gives rise to the hiring of the new recognition team leader.


The first three possible solutions to the problem that the new president suggested sound like a promising idea because it would allow the employees to develop fresh perspective towards achieving organizational goals. The abilities...
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