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Traditional Chinese Music V.S. Modern Chinese Music

Traditional Chinese music and modern Chinese music have many differences. Here is a brief look at some of the differences.

First, traditional Chinese music often uses traditional musical instruments such as erhu, flute, and drum and so on. Modern Chinese music uses piano, violin, guitar and many new musical instruments. Sometimes people use different instruments to create new music in order to give others special feelings.

People play traditional music when they think of old days and during traditional festivals. Today, many singers work for their companies. The companies help them make records. People can buy the records to listen and also can go to the singers’ concerts.

In traditional music, musicians write the songs, but they don’t play the songs themselves. And in modern music, singers write the songs themselves or they can invite famous singers to help them. The companies they work for also help them write songs.

Traditional music often tells about new life, good times, beautiful hometown and so on. People play it to show their love for country, life, nature. Modern music is about the busy city life and young people’s love. People express the emotion of wanting to love and to be loved by playing the music. But in some modern songs, we don’t even know what the singers sing.

Chinese music is changing all the time. It follows the fashion of the day. We should open our ears to the beautiful Chinese songs
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