Chilean Copper Mine

Topics: Pregnancy, Child abuse, Abortion Pages: 2 (682 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Article Rebuttal
Talisha Clinkscale
Kevin McCoyd
May 8, 2013

Planned Parenthood opened in 1933 for women who struggling financially and who did not have access to birthcontol. P.P is a non-profit organization that assisted women with their reproductive health. On Peter Baklinski released and bias article about P.P. This writer slandered the name of the organization and was one of the reasons the company lost over 61 million in taxed based funding. In this writing I will be analyzing the credibility, validity, and reliability of this article. On November 25th 2011 Baslinski wrote an article about plan parenthood called “The Most difficult year in our history “’ laments Planned Parenthood president. The writer began the article by quoting the P.P`s president Cecile Richards thanking supporters for standing with them during the, what she labeled, the most trying time in our history. After commenting about Richards, the article took a different turn as the writer criticized P.P by stating “THE PASSED ELEVEN MONTHS HAD BEEN DIFFICULT FOR THE ABORTION GIANT”. Proceeding through the article Baklinski gave a brief description of P.P eleven month history starting in February of 2011.The writer notified the historical amendment to defund P.P had passed in the US house but was defeated in the democratic controlled senate. In the middle of the article I then noticed “SIGN A PETIION TO DEFUND P.P HERE” Then it seemed the writers reasonability started to become compromised. The article continued accusing P.P of sex trafficking and pro sexual child abuse. The writer continued to allege mishandling of federal funds, repeatedly stating “abortion giants”, and even state that a former P.P employee, Catherine Adair claimed she was forced to urge women to abort. Finally at the end of the column the writer posted another link to petition to defund P.P. Baklinski stated Plan Parenthood was covering and aiding sex traffickers and covering up sexual...
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