Children: a Good Target Market or an Abuse of Innocence?

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  • Published : January 2, 2012
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Children: A Good Target Market or An Abuse of Innocence?

Advertising is a way many businesses attract consumers. Consumers are, after all, their source of income. Billions of dollars are spent every year by corporations to huge advertising companies to think of the next big commodity. However, the most attractive target market today is children, which inevitably sparks controversy throughout the country. When discussing advertising to children, one should highly consider how the effects the products being advertised pose to children, the status of our countries laws, and the current uses of child advertising and the effect they may have on their audience because we need to think of the children first in order to protect our country’s youth. Many businesses have made the arguable decision in marketing towards children. If the venture is done the right way, it can be a successful form of getting attention to a business. In the article “Brand loyalty starts from a very early age,” Lou Cooper reveals, “Influencing children at a young age could see them retain their custom in the future” (24). However, if done incorrectly or unethically, youth advertising can be very dangerous and influential to a child in the wrong way. More and more manufacturers and television advertisers think that children constitute an important group for their target market. They see other businesses succeeding when they use the tactic and they believe they need to use it too so as to remain competitive in the industry. However, television advertising aimed at children is extremely harmful to child development. Over the last few decades, television advertising has changed people's life styles and buying habits, especially children. Children have larger spending power. With the additional reassurance from statistics and research, more and more manufacturers and advertisers think that a young age group is an important group for their target market. However, television advertising aimed at...
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