Children with Special Needs

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For my choice project I chose to interview a parent who has a child with special needs. The parent I chose to interview is a person I work with. She is a mother of two children, a son and a daughter which her son has been diagnosed with autism. Her son is ten years old and has been living with autism since he was diagnosed at the age of three. I have known this mother for about three years now and have helped her in many of the autism fundraisers that she puts on to raise money for her autism support group. I chose to interview her for my paper because I have met her son and have observed her being a parent to this child who showed some very challenging behaviors. I was able to produce many questions for her and was looking forward to having a discussion more on a professional level.

When I had approached this mother about participating in an interview about having a child with special needs she said that she would love to contribute her knowledge on what it is like raising a child with this type of disability. We both decided that the best place for the interview to occur would be at her home. I had given this mother a copy of my questions before the interview so she would be able to think over the questions and be able to find any information she may need to answer the questions.

My first question to start off the interview was what was your child’s diagnoses. The mother had stated that her child was first diagnosed with global delays at the age of two and about a year later diagnosed with autism at the age of three. The mother had stated that her son was developing normally but as he got older she started to observe that her son stopped doing actions he could do before. For example, the mother explained that her son was babbling, cooing, and making sounds, he also started to show signs of walking but then as time went on her son became more quiet to the point where eventually he made little to no sound and his walking had came to a complete halt. This was the answer to my second question which was, were there any red flags to why you were concerned? The mother had said that these were the red flags that lead to her sons diagnoses.

My next question for this mother was what did you do to learn more about this disability? She answered by saying she just did a lot of research online finding different websites on autism. One website she mentioned that she uses often is which gives great information on symptoms, articles, and treatments that parents who have a child with autism can find beneficial. She stated that this website also has many other disorders that are on there and that this site gets into great detail. Additionally, she stated that she learned and found that some people with autism have grown up, married, and become computer techs and have productive jobs that lead to very useful lives. To her this was the most inspiring of all.

As our interview went on I started to get into more detail about having a child with autism and the help and support she receives by others. My next question for her was did you or your husband go through the five stages of grieving? denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. She wasn’t sure about her husband but she said that she did blamed herself for her sons problems. She assumed that since she carried her son for nine months that it had to of been something she did to cause this disorder. As time went on she declared that she got past the blaming stage and realized that it wasn’t helping her son to blame herself. She finally accepted the situation for what it was and just concentrated on getting her son the help he needed. This mother said that she never went into the denial stage because she knew her self that her son showed signs of having problems. She actually said she felt some relief when the doctor said that their was something wrong because then she thought that now they could cure this. Bargaining wasn’t a stage that she even...
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