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Child care questions

Section 2/Child Care

1. What are your Statutory and policy requirements for identifying observing and reporting young people at risk of harm?

- Observe

- Report to supervisor

- Report to child protection agency

- The legislation may vary from state to state and centre to centre.

2. What ethical obligations do you have as stated in the NCAC’s (National Childcare Accreditation System) QIAS (Quality Improvement and Accreditation System) principles, service/centre policy and procedures, service agreements, ECA (Early Childhood Australia) Code of Ethics, Child Care Regulations 2003?

- Maintaining privacy and confidentiality

- Providing high quality care

3. What legal instructions do child care workers need to be aware of an able to work with?

- Legislation

- Custody orders

4. What does “duty of care” mean? Give an example of how you fulfil your duty of care responsibilities.

- Awareness of your responsibilities and obligations that you have towards the children in your care

Eg: 1. Give them food on time

2. Give medication

3. Provide safe environment

5. How does the service protect the confidentiality of the children and family it cars for?

- Files should be kept in a lockable locked cupboard

- If computerised, computer is password protected

- Access to this information’s restricted only to authorised staff

6. Identify and discuss the key requirements of the service/centre policies and legislations that relate to the performance of your work role and where/how to access same.

- Privacy act

- Code of ethics

- Child care regulations

- Duty of care

- Child protection act

- Record keeping

- Anti Discrimination Act

- Medical policy

- Infection control policy

- Medication policy

7. How do regulations relate to the health and safety of the children in your care? Can you describe some examples of areas of your work that are influenced by regulations, policies and procedures?

- Child/ Adult ratio

- Medication

- Nappy change procedure

- Hand washing procedure

- First Aid

Hygiene policy:

- wash you hands

- Children was their hands

- Teeth brushing

8. What cleaning duties do you perform daily to ensure the health and safety of children?

- Cleaning floor

- Cleaning tables

- Cleaning play area

- Cleaning chairs

- Cleaning toilet

- Cleaning rubbish bins

- Cleaning nappy change area

- Cleaning sink/ was basin

9. What infection control measures do you perform to reduce risks?

- Appropriate waste disposal

- Wipes

- Used gloves

- Nappies

- Foods that are left overs

- Hygiene practise

- Hand washing

- Disinfect nappy area

- Immunisation

- Exclusion policy

- Wipe the body fluids, blood, vomit, etc

10. Tell me about fire safety messages you give the children at your...
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