Childhood Experience

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  • Published : October 24, 2012
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A Childhood Experience
Every individual has their own set of experiences in life. Some may try to convince themselves that they don 't have a past for reasons that their history is concerned. However, there are also those who love to relive moments in their life where they felt complete. As for my case, I believe that the memories I have during my childhood were the most challenging and exciting events of my life.

Growing up as a kid in Bellewood, Kentucky, there wasn't much going on. I went to a small school and lived in a small house with a rather big family. There wasn't much to do in that pocket-sized town. I had a few friends but they were quite boring, always going outside to throw the ball around or sit by the fire. I was missing out on the big things in life, I thought. I wanted to live large, but I was stuck. When I was twelve years old, my father told me that we were going to see my uncle Leeroy down in Las Vegas. I had never met him before and heard quite impressive stuff about that city.

Catching a look at my uncle Leeroy for the first time struck me as something out of the ordinary. His hair was gelled back and he was wearing huge sunglasses. He had a sparkling diamond necklace around his neck and was holding a cigarette. I shouted, "Hi, Leeroy!". "Call me Jenkins", he replied with quite the raspy voice. We were staying at his house for the week. I told him I wanted to see the casinos around here. He actually snuck me in to one somehow, I guess he knew the people or something. The lights, the people, the money, it was all amazing to me. We went to the amusement park, played tennis and golf; he even snuck me into a bar, too. This was exactly the spark I was looking for in life. I wished that someday I could be exactly like my uncle Jenkins. The only thing I wished he didn't do was smoke. Almost every time I saw him he was holding a cigarette. I wondered if that's what made him so cool, though. My curiosity got the best of me and I ended up...
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