Child Observations

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  • Published : March 15, 2012
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Observation 1

Checklist method

“TC” – Target child

Child observation details

Date of observation: 28th December 2011
Time observation started: 19:30 pm
Time observation finished: 20:00 pm
Number of children present: 1
Number of adults present: 2
Permission obtained from: child’s grandmother
Description of setting: home setting
Immediate context: The observation took place in the kitchen. “TC” was watching television when I entered the room. Brief description of the child observed: “TC” is a boy aged 20 months. “TC” has a head cold at present. Aim of observation: The aim of this observation is to observe “TC’s” physical development for a short time to assess if he is at the appropriate norm for his age. Method: checklist

Media used: pen & paper

|Skills |Present |Evidence | |The child runs safely | |Child ran to nan when nan entered the | | | |room | |He can manipulate toys | |Didn’t see child playing with toys | | |N/O | | |He sits down readily to play | |He sat at table easily to draw | |Use of preferred hand | |Child used both hands to draw | |Zip or unzip | |Child unzipped case where pencils were | | | |kept | |Holds pencil...
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