Adaptive Response to Disorders

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  • Published : April 12, 2013
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Adaptive Response to Disorders

Adaptive Response to Disorders
Disorders are abnormal conditions that affect the normal functioning of body organelles. There are various disorders that affect the function of the human body. They are caused by exposure to harmful substances, deficiency in essential components of a balance diet, infections from disease vectors and many others. Urgent care is needed for any detection of disorders in patients because lack of treatment makes them develop into diseases. This paper highlights some of the disorder depicted by the symptoms of the three different patients in the attached article. In addition, the article details the epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk factors and diagnosis of the disorders in the patients.

Jennifer is a 2 year old female who is cared for her mother. She has developed a running temperature for 3 days, hot and dry skin, and suffers from tonsils. She depicts a normal blood pulse and respiratory beat per minute. The significant disorder revolves around her tonsil and ethr throat. She complains that swallowing is painful due to the effects of sore throat. Jennifer’s disorder is

Jack suffers from erythema, which is a disorder that causes redness of the skin. Jack’s erythema is caused by hyperemia of the skin’s capillaries emanating from increase blood flow in the skin tissues. It is also caused by radiation from the chemical reaction from the chemicals handled.Erythema is caused by infections, electrical treatment, medication, allergies, exercise, sun burns and many activities that cause dilation of the capillaries. Jack’s symptoms indicate that continuous contact with the abrasive chemicals influence allergic response from the skin tissues. The physicians best suited to handle erythema conditions are the dermatologists. Through different studies to establish the best treatment of erythema, there has been little success since most of the lotions and creams used...
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