Child Labour Is a Curse to the Society

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Child Labour A Curse To The Society

Art 24 of Indian Constitution:

“ No child below the age of 14 years shall be employed to work in any factory or mine or engaged in any other hazardous employment”

i) Introduction :

It is believed that childhood is an evidence of the faith of God in human being. Nature has given childhood as a gift to human being wants to enjoy their childhood life freely and happily.

Even after 64 years of independence from the British rule, the children who are considered as the futures citizens of the country are not allowed to enjoy their valuable childhood and it is in the condition of a child that their lies the future of any society or nation. Children’s are the mirrors of the society. The quality of life is a child reflects how progressive a society is.

Healthy child is the base of the healthy society. Every child’s basic necessity is to get a proper nutrition, education, training guidance protection etc., but many children’s are facing lack of basic necessities of life (especially age group 5-14) it’s because of poverty, unemployment, migration to urban areas, illiteracy, large family size etc., if it remains worthless the society remains weak. As on a weak base, we can’t construct multistoried building so for bright future of the society.[1]

ii) Child labour a curse to the society

Child labour may be defined as one who has not yet attained the age of 14 years and whose physical, mental and social development has suffered due to pre-mature employment.

Child labour is one of the social evils that has been crippling the Indian society since a very long time. Its presence can be felt every where you go be it a rural village or a metropolitan city the child labours are working in mines, carpet, match, fireworks, brass and automobiles industries.

Child labour is really a curse to our society and crime against humanity, Children work when they are supposed to play or go to school and Government has announced ‘food for education programme’ to eradicate the child labour, but it’s not bringing out expected results.[2]

Long years ago Wordsworth said that “Child is the father of man”. It mean that, child who is future citizen of the country.

Today large number of families are poverty stricken in India. These family members or the parent’s are giving their least co-operation to make their children educated. They only ignore the importance of education to their children they only using them as a fulfill their economical requirement.

In our India there is no law which actually provided for elimination of the child labour. The constitution in Art-24 and Art-31 provides that the state shall ensure that adolescent children are not forced to accept an employment detrimental to their age and physical ability owing to economic compulsions.

But nowhere does it make any mention of abolition or elimination of child labour. Although the Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act-1986 has suggested reasonable working conditions for children working in hazardous conditions the term hazardous neither been clearly defined anywhere in the constitution, nor in different legislation proposed on child labour.

It the Government itself not provide any law regarding elimination of the child labour. Then the child labour is become a curse to the society. This backwardness in the society, if prevailed for a further decade, then surely the dream of our farmer president Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam to see India a super power by 2020 will remain unaccomplishment.[3]

This Child labour social evil has to be removed but it’s also for the sake of little kids who are working at such small age when they are supposed to enjoy their dreams and it is really sad to see that the future of our nation are the same ones who working as child labour. It is not only sad thing the future society also suffers a lot.

iii) Reasons...
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