Child Care Nvq Level 3 Unit 8 E3

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  • Published : March 26, 2013
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Many parents adapt to changes in their lives and usually have the support of family and friends to provide assistance. Many families however can face issues that affect the family life and often need support to help them. Factors such as financial Difficulties could become an issue as this would mean that they are unable to afford food or clothing therefore leading towards poverty and poor health which can cause depression. Also poor housing would effect the child as they may not even have a garden to move about in and there may not be a play park around making the child become restricted from outside play.

Another factor could be unemployment, meaning no job, which may effect the child as there would be no income. If a single parent, this would mean that they would have to work but also meaning that the child would have to be moved somewhere to be taken care of meaning sepaeration would have to happen between the parent and child.

Divorce and separation would also mean that the child would possibly have to move home to a smaller building meaning that the conditions would be cramped and the parent may have to recieve lower income Lower income

Smaller housing / cramped conditions

There are four different types of Sectors that provide care and education for children. They are; Statutory Sector
Voluntary Sector
Private Sector.

A Statutory Sector is a Sector that has to be there by law, so dentist, local schools and hospitals are part of this. Local schools have to be there by law and get some funding by the government. The age range that schools cover is from 5 years to 11 years olds. They follow a set routine where reception covers the EYFS and then year one to year six covers the national curriculum. Schools are open from nine o'clock in the morning to half three in the afternoon, from Monday to Fridays, term times only. This means that schools are closed at Christmas, Easter, summer and half terms. Schools are in easy access areas,...