Chiki Nana

Topics: Diving, Health club, Swimming pool Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: February 20, 2013
The aim of this report is to examine the reasons why students are reluctant to take part in competitive sports and to make recommendations for ways of encouraging more students to participate.

Most young people enjoy team sports because they are a social event. They like playing with friends and are less interested in open competition. They are keen on fitness and training in the gym, but some are totally uninterested in sport. It also appears that although many enjoyed activities like swimming, they were put off by the current state of the changing rooms, which they felt were dirty and unattractive.

Students want to socialise, so sports competitions should be run at times when as many as possible can participate and watch. At present they take place on Saturdays, when many students are reluctant to return to college – this should be changed. The changing rooms around the swimming pool must be improved for those who are currently discouraged from using them because of the state they are in. The college could run teams for different year groups and offer a prize annually. This would provide motivation, as everyone likes to be a winner. Most importantly, students lack information and should be made more aware of the importance of sport for health and well-being. I recommend that leaflets should be circulated as part of an overall fitness awareness campaign. If these recommendations are implemented, I feel sure that there will be a marked increase in popularity of competitive sports.
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