Check Printer Consumables Inventory and Monitoring System

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  • Published : October 14, 2011
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Most companies or businesses are using Inventory and Monitoring System for their constant success and development. These systems have different application that focuses on managing on a specific area. It is made for the management of stocks and supplies of any material such as computer hardware parts of a company, wine supplies of a restaurant, and rice stocks of a farm that are in demand because of its efficacy and useful functions.

The record manipulation of Cheque Printer consumables has been scrutinized to be cluttered, complex and weak as observed by the users who have the access to manipulate it. The reports and documentation are not properly enhanced and organized so there was a lack of information given to the suppliers of those specific machines for the request of new parts. An Inventory and Monitoring System is necessary and essential for the company in order to lessen the manual inputting and calculations, to reduce time used in writing each parts being delivered and installed, to produce adequate reports for every part needed, to generate exact tally sheet, to have correct consumables monitoring and many other useful functions and utilities.

The researchers got very much concerned with the errors in handling manually the records and the inaccurate data manipulation and so they conducted this research.

1.2Statement of the Problem
The study was conducted to solve problems that are encountered when processing a request for printer consumables as well as checking the inventory for each stock and to investigate all other aspects of Inventory and Monitoring of Cheque Printers. This study was raised to answer the following questions:

1.Does the company experience any delays on processing Cheque Printer Consumables request? 2.How well does the company coordinate with the suppliers?
3.How adequate is the record maintenance of each consumable part? 4.How precise is the delivery and installation logs done by the user? 5.How sure is the user in monitoring the monitoring logs?

6.How sufficient is the monitoring of error records by the machine? 7.What are the problems caused by manual record manipulating? 8.What are the threats for manual inputting?
9.How is the calculation of parts quality and price being supervised? 10.What are the suggestions to improve the information handling of the user? 11.Is there any accurate database?


General Objective:
The general objective of this study is to create, design and develop an Inventory and Monitoring Management System for companies that use Cheque Printers machines that could help them to operate better. Specific Objectives:

1.To design a Cheque Printer Consumables Inventory and Management System for managing Consumables easier. 2.To create an automated Inventory and Monitoring System for Cheque Printer Consumables.

3.To develop a Cheque Printer Consumables Inventory and Management System that allows the company to monitor stocks precisely. 4.To test and evaluate an accessible Cheque Printer Consumables Inventory and Management System. 5.To implement a system that will help the Administrator and the Users to have proficient reports.

1.4 Significance or Importance of the Study
An interview with the people/users involved in manipulating manually the data for Cheque Printer Consumables reveals that a lot of errors were encountered every time and it is time consuming. This should not be happening if an automated Inventory and Monitoring System is being used. The study is very relevant and necessary in order to avoid these errors and produce reports at a very particular time. The result of this study is beneficial to the following:

Cheque Printing Companies – This system will simplify and automate the manual way of Inventory and Monitoring for the consumable parts of Cheque Printers and can diminish the time spent with the activities involved. For the...
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