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Topics: Management, Leadership, Project management Pages: 4 (1299 words) Published: April 20, 2013

The three types of leadership styles that should be used for the Denver Airport Project are transformational, directive and empowering leadership. Transformational leadership should be used because the City of Denver seemed to have high expectations and this type of leadership motivates the team to work toward the goals and do more than expected. Issuing instructions and commands that align with the goals would include the use of Directive leadership. Lastly empowering leadership should be used as it encourages independent action, opportunity thinking, teamwork, self-development, self-reward and participate in goal setting. Similar to what our book says about transformational leadership, it can be defined as “Transformational leadership is essentially leadership that motivates followers to transcend their self-interests for a collective purpose, vision, and/or mission. This form of leadership tends to foster trust and admiration toward the leader on the part of followers, and thus they may be inspired to do more than they were originally expected to do.” The Denver Airport project can benefit from this type of leadership since the collective purpose is to complete the building of the airport to meet the needs of the City of Denver. This type of leadership suggests that there is a consensus and collective mindset among team members. This type of leader demonstrates positive behaviors. The team members tend to perceive the goals and activities the same way as the leader. Everyone is on the same page and the tasks and goals can be completed successfully. “A transformational leader is one who should have been able to provide a consistent image to followers through his or her actions and behaviours and thereby create consensus among followers” (1). A directive leader issues instructions and commands based on the goals. This will help to keep all members of the team on track to complete the tasks of the entire Denver Airport Project. According to...
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